Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Well here I am. I have a blog at last. I have been cajoled and persuaded by my design friends into starting this.

I love creating digital scrapbook layouts and am an amateur scrapbook designer. My main source of inspiration is my two little grandsons and I am currently working on layouts of my daughter's wedding.

I am a Creative Team member for Country Liv's Graphics and have been working on this new venture for a month now. I had the pleasure of working with two of her lovely kits in July. The first was her wonderful 'Good Morning Sunshine' Bundle for which I made three layouts. The second of Liv's kits that I used was the 'A Lady's Boudoir' kit. I made three layouts for this which I then turned into Quick Pages.

Here is a preview of her 'Good Morning Sunshine' Bundle:

And here is a preview of  'A Lady's Boudoir':

Well, I think that's about all for today. I will be back tomorrow with some of the layouts that I made. See you then.


  1. Congratulations Chris! Now what you need to do is to let your readers see that you have some kits they can download! I really appreciate being the focus once in a while but this is your baby so let's talk about you :)

  2. Whoo HOO! What a wonderful accomplishment! Long overdue too! You will LOVE blogging! Its a great way to get your designs seen and a lovely homebase! Really enjoy the design! Perfect backdrop for your designs and pictures! Weeee!


  3. Love your new sidebar...a delight! Thanks for thinking of me and dropping my website in on your Blog List. I feel all warm and tickl-eee inside! Happy Weekend, Snickerdoodle!

    1. Thank you Jodiann. I couldn't leave you off, could I. Still got a few more blogs to add.

      Luv Chris