Friday, 26 October 2012

Hi everybody. Long time no blog. I have been suffering from the after effects of a very heavy cold and this led to a 10 day bout of vertigo. Keep your fingers crossed but I think my medication has finally worked.

I made a second layout using the By the Sea Scrapkit by K-Joi Studios which is available in her shop at Moo Two Designs. Tyler was having so much fun at Ruislip Lido playing in the sprinklers with the other children.

I have been a member of Hummie's World for some time now and love joining in with the Activities in the Forum. This week is Hat Week and we have been changing our avatars and doing layouts based on hats.

I made this layout after using the photo of my Mum in her hat as my new avatar. The layout is of my Mum and Dad's wedding on 1 December 1945.

The papers I used were from a pack of papers I made for Hummie's Go Green Challenge. I recoloured the papers to go with the irises in the layout and I also recoloured the beautiful cluster border (made by Lorraine using Netta Riss 'Fascinate' kit - Creative Victorian Designs).

Here is a closer look at the original photo. My Mum was only 4ft 10in and my dad was 6ft tall so he had to sit down in the photo.

Don't they make a wonderful  couple. I miss them so much. I often find myself reaching for the phone to talk to Mum about recipes and I can still see Dad sitting in his favourite armchair in our Sitting Room.

Here a couple of layouts I made using a wonderful photo of Mum when she was about 19.

The wording on the second layout reads:

Mum. Even though you are no longer with us you are still in my heart and my thoughts. I still want to pick up the telephone and talk to you when I find a new recipe. You just loved cooking and making dinner for me and all my friends even when they just popped in with no notice. You always made enough to feed the whole street.


  1. What beautiful photos of your Mum and Dad. Back in 1945, these are the outfits that lots of couples wore for their wedding. It was a great year! The war ended, our guys and gals all came home, and I started the first grade in school. Yup, a very good year. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

    1. Dear Edna

      So glad to see you here on my blog. I am pleased you like the photos.

      It is good that we don't have the hurricanes that you get in the States but there have been some very large storms over the last 50 years that have done lasting damage. It is always the coastal regions that suffer most and some bits of the coast just get swept away. Good to see that you are all prepared and that you and Pogo will be safe.

      Take good care of yourself. I will be checking in on your blog to see how things are going with you.

      Luv Chris